After a long day of laundry and dishes, we find our hero passed out in front of the television. Naruto chatters angrily against Gaara as Owen awakes with the words “blueberry soufflé” on his lips. Yes! That’s it! Tomorrow I must make a blueberry soufflé! It will be delicious. Okay, so I have only made a soufflé once before in my life and that was completely on accident. And true, I do not have a recipe for blueberry soufflé. Big deal. In the words of Dodger from Oliver and Company, “I can improvise.” And this will be a great test of my baking skills. If I can do this, I should really stop saying that I am not a baker. I am not a butcher or candlestick maker either, but no one ever seems to want to call me either of those labels.

Tomorrow I shall go to the store and see if the ingredients that I would need have been discounted in any way. What’s that? Something to cook the soufflé in? Well, it just so happens that I purchased a soufflé pan a couple of days ago. Serendipitous, n’est pas?

But for now, I shall clamber into my bed, and fall into a more comfortable sleep.

2 responses to “plans

  1. An improvised blueberry souflee? Sounds deliciously dangerous. Good luck!

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