The blueberries were fuzzy. The blackberries looked good, but there was only one 1/2 pint available. The strawberries were both numerous and healthy, but there is absolutely no way that I am going to try to make my first soufflé with strawberries. I might as well paint a big sign on my forehead saying, “I want my dish to fail!” So I am making an average, everyday soufflé out of cheese and grits. Because I like cheese and grits.

Several things might have gone wrong. I might have accidentally used too many yolks in the yolk to albumen ratio. I might have accidentally busted the foam. I might have done a poor job in folding the foam into the base. I guess I shall find out in about half an hour.


4 responses to “Soufflé

  1. I tried grits and wow it was amazing how much I didn’t like it.
    I tried regular grits, then I tried it with butter, then cinnamon, and every other condiment that I could think of and yup, still didn’t like them.
    I tried the ready made kind and the fresh kind and nope still don’t like grits.
    Just wanted to share.

    • :laughs:
      No food is meant for everyone, so no worries. I once dated a girl who hated two of my favorite foods: corn bread and lasagna.
      Then again, she also liked to drink sauerkraut juice. To each their own.

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