Random Things

  • I have never read anything by Kurt Vonnegut (not even Slaughterhouse Five) so his death touches me no more or less than any other person about whom I read in the news.
  • Why is it that in World War II, supporting the troops meant recycling, limiting travel, and businesses like GM ceasing production of their products so that they could build a plane an hour, while today it means putting a sticker on your favorite mode of transport, living our ordinary lives, and vast amounts of profit for a privileged few?
  • I still do not have much time to post and strangely, not much inclination either.
  • I am not certain, but I do not think that I have picked up Dulcinea this year.
  • I cannot seem to stop losing weight even though I have more than doubled my caloric intake.

20 responses to “Random Things

  1. Kurt Vonegut came to OWU when I went there. he was a dick.
    I still think he’s a rocking author, but I don’t really care about his death. he wasn’t putting out new groudbreaking stuff anyway.

  2. 1- All people’s death should be respected, not just famous ones.
    2- *big huggles of love*

    • Never said that I don’t respect his or anyone’s death. Just that it doesn’t touch me more than anyone else’s that I do not know. Because while I may feel a generic sadness over the passing of someone I have never encountered in any fashion, it is nowhere near the loss I feel if someone that I actually know dies.
      But you probably knew that so I am just belaboring the obvious.

  3. I am one of the ten people in the United States who never understood what the deal was about Vonnegut’s writing.
    You might think about seeing a doctor if your weight doesn’t settle down after a couple of weeks.

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