0 to c

This morning I did not know that my last day at Milagro would be 1 June. Nor did I know that I have an exceedingly good chance of being defined as a grad student and being hired by LANL to work on an AIDS database until December. I certainly did not know that ORNL was putting up a job for which I am eminently qualified nor that the boss of a good friend of mine would consider recommending me for it.

I do not think that hitting the ground running is an adequate description of this feeling.

I could write about my grandmother’s health and my trip to Ohio, but that would depress me. I could write about other stressful things in my life, but I think that I need to coast on this sensation of surfing the synchronicity stream for a while longer.


12 responses to “0 to c

  1. *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* *hugs*
    I am having a hard time telling if the new jobs are a happy thing or not for you?

  2. Holy waffles, batman! I am having *possibly* the most non-synchronous day ever, but I am totally ok with it if it means the synchro-karma is all busy with you.

    • I will happily lend you some synchro-karma. I somehow imagine going to the karma bank and asking them for change for the karmic equivalent of a twenty.

  3. ::hugs::
    I hope things work out for you on all fronts.
    BTW, there was a History Channel show on the Lost World of the Manhattan Project and when LANL came on I waved and said “Hi, Owen!” 🙂
    oh and LANL does AIDS research?

    • 🙂
      And yes, they do many things including AIDS research. They also are attempting to figure out the best response to a flu pandemic and researching what is happening to the honeybees.

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