Sangría is Good For Me

The lovely shrijani pointed me to this article, Fruity cocktails count as health food.

Now if I could only stop losing weight …!

22 responses to “Sangría is Good For Me

  1. HUGS for ytour family
    HUGS for you for the sad stuff
    HIP HIP HUZZAH x3 for the job stuff
    I hope you stop loosing weight too, your’e already wirey, you’ll waste away to nothing. You need to eat more fatty stuff 😉 Or you have a parasite (tapeworm, alien, evil second personality):)

  2. Mmm, froufrou drinks. Though you’ve made me crave a pomegranate margarita…
    And how are you losing weight? You don’t have any to lose! Have you seen a doctor about it? A friend of mine had a massive problem with chronic weight loss and it turned out to be indirectly related to her gall bladder.

  3. The study did not address whether adding a little cocktail umbrella enhanced the effects.
    Of course it does! Blocks harmful UV rays and such. ~_^

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