Good Things From This Weekend

The Good Went to a new salsa place last night and while it was not as much fun as WilLee’s Blues Club, it was not too bad either. To my surprise, I was able to improvise several new moves without hurting myself or anyone else. I also made several new friends, ate at a 24 hour burrito place, heard some disgusting but hilarious stories about world cuisine while attempting to eat my burrito, and inspired an international dinner. Apparently, I am to provide the entrée. Everyone else brings sides, desserts, appetizers, and the like. The people involved seem to be from: China, Honduras, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, and the US and we must all make appropriate cuisines.

The Better At said salsa place, I won two tickets to an upcoming salsa celebration. Two bands from NY. Six DJs. Lots of dancing. All at the Hispanic Center in Albuquerque on 19 May.

The Best blakemp pointed me to this news article about how Disney is not only bringing back hand drawn animation but also the theatrical short cartoon!


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