So You Think You Can Tell Heaven From Hell?

So apparently I have to use any vacation days before my last day of work. Any days that I do not use are forfeit. There seems to be a decent chance that since I have not taken very many in a long time there will be many of them. Most of my days off have occurred during official closure for either the lab or University of Maryland. My visitor came during my Spring Break. When I went back to Columbus, it was only for Winter Break days. The last actual vacation days that I took before my trip last week to see my grandma were last July when lyceum_arabica came.

I earn a day and a half of break every month of working. They accumulate for as long as I am there. That means a little over three weeks of vacation time per year. Allowing for the week that I took off in May last year, the days from last July, and my four days off two weeks ago, I probably have about three to four weeks of vacation time coming to me. And this is not even counting annual personal days or paid sick leave.

The last day of my current contract is June 1. If I am calculating how much time I have actually taken off correctly, I could probably go in to work today and say, “I’m sorry. I cannot work any more. I need to use my vacation days.”

I wonder whether I should first allow them to officially tell me that they will not renew my contract?

4 responses to “So You Think You Can Tell Heaven From Hell?

  1. Excellent
    I’ve always wanted to do that. Walkin, hand in my month’s notice and say ill take my vacation now.
    The only thing that could make it better would be if your start date at a new job fell within that time. Then you’d have two paychecks for like two weeks…. 🙂

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