Daily Archives: 9 May, 2007

Nerdy Niftiness

All life on Earth, soon to be on the web!.

I really think that we need to do the same thing with Astronomy. There are a lot of amateur astronomers out there. Often they are the ones who make the discoveries.

Actually, this could spread to all of the sciences. Obviously some sciences are easier to add to than others. I sincerely doubt that the average person has the budget to make a discovery in nuclear physics. On the other hand, I really like the fact that the page is going for a broad audience and that it will allow the sharing of information on a level heretofore unknown. Yes, there will still be a lot of crap to wade through in order to find reliable information, but it sounds like even that will be filtered.

Edit: Also, on an unrelated science front, here are a couple of articles about biofuels. First, there is one from New Scientist about how Biofuel Production May Raise The Price of Food. We are already seeing the effects of this, especially in Mexico although it is also possible to see the effects in other ways.

Second, there is one about using coconut oil to power cars. This one fascinates me. They keep mentioning the smell. I wonder if it smells the way that I imagine?