Daily Archives: 10 May, 2007

Maybe It Was the Jelly Bean Fairy

After seeing Spider-Man 3 this past Friday night, the majority of us decided that we wanted to go someplace to eat.1 We found a place called Trinity Beverage and after we were seated at a large circular table in the corner, we began chatting. I had brought some things to entertain myself while waiting in line for Spider-Man. I started emptying out the pockets of my jacket in order to find one that I could use to entertain everyone at the table.

Their eyes widened as I pulled more and more things out of my jacket.

Jelly beans. A harmonica. Gloves. A book. My cell phone. A wallet. The black Spider-Man doll that I had caught in the cinema.2 More jelly beans. An iPod shuffle. Spare change. Still more jelly beans.3 Ah! There it was! Fluxx. People started eating the jelly beans while I explained the game.

For those who have never played Fluxx, it’s a card game where every card you play changes the rules, the goals, or the way the game is played. Very fun game. One of my absolute favorites. By the time we had gone through two rounds, everyone at the table seemed to agree. I cut the game short when the food arrived and allowed someone to win by changing the goal. Next time, we might play Chrononauts or Unexploded Cow.

[1] This was harder than it sounds. Los Alamos has an annoying tendency to close after about 8pm most nights. Fridays you might get lucky and find a place that stays open until 10pm. The only places that routinely stay open until midnight are Smith’s (the local grocery store) and Blockbuster Video. The rest of the town just dies pretty early. I wonder what teenagers here do? I suspect that they all just leave town and head to EspaƱola or Santa Fe, but maybe the parents here have used their vast intellects to brainwash their children into perfect pliability.

[2] At the cinema almost as soon as I sat down, the employees began tossing out prizes to random parts of the audience. I caught a soft doll of Spider-Man in the black outfit. I was tempted to give it to the little girl sitting in front of me, but Libertad told me to keep it since it would just cause strife with her sister.

[3] I got a bag of them about a week ago after I won the lottery again. Somehow, the bag gave birth to multiple little bags. I really do not know how.