Tu Eres Muy Bonita, Cariño, Pero Mentirosa Es Tu

Last night, instead of our regularly scheduled salsa class the instructor had a birthday party/potluck preceded by a lesson in merengue. Great idea! I love merengue! Of course, I had no idea what to make for the potluck …

Hmm, I have chicken strips. I have egg noodles. I have soy sauce, ginger, mirin, and … obviously I should make a pasta salad!

I marinated the chicken in lime juice, mirin, soy sauce, and roasted garlic. I cooked the egg noodles, and stir fried some snow peas, broccoli, carrots, and water chestnuts in peanut oil. Oh how I love my wok! Stir fried the chicken next and mixed the whole thing with the egg noodles. I made a dressing out of cider vinegar, peanut oil, tamarind, garlic, onion, cumin, curry, and red pepper flakes. It came out pretty well! At least the people at the party liked it.


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