not bad

It has been a decent weekend. Thursday night – salsa dancing at WilLee’s. Friday night – Pan’s Labyrinth at my place. Saturday night – salsa dancing at Cloudcliff. Sunday afternoon/evening – shopping in Santa Fe. Tonight was PotC:AWE. All of this interspersed with finishing chores.

I had fun & got things done. scary.

10 responses to “not bad

  1. That’s why I propose the three day weekend. An extra day shall be inserted between Sunday and Saturday. Parkday. 5 days on, 3 days off. A week is only 7 days because of the Bible anyways. I propose the 8-day week.

    • Personally, I would be fine with four days on and three days off. Or just having five day work weeks of three and two. Think of how easy it would be to divide the year into weeks then! There would be seventy-three weeks a year except for leap years, but leap day could just be an extra holiday that just exists on its own.

      • I can’t have a five day week. For me, it’s too jumpy. I could do your 7 day week though. Although I hate having 7 days that’s such a bizarre number. 6 or 8 would be better.

  2. what were your thoughts on Pan’s Labyrinth? I am a little hesistant to see it because I am so defintely not in the mood for a sad movie.

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