Daily Archives: 31 May, 2007

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Yesterday’s Post, Part II

I like a company who admits when they screw up. I like it even more when they try to fix it.

This Space For Rent

University of Maryland has extended my contract by a couple of weeks to give me more of a chance to find a new job. I now will work there until 16 June (unless I find something sooner.)

The people who turned me down last week due to paperwork snafus told me last night that they might be able to hire me for eight weeks due to a different bit of paperwork legerdemain.

The computer support division at LANL is definitely interested in hiring me, but even using a contract vendor they are unsure whether they can get the funding. They desperately need someone with my skills though and say that if I can hold out for an indeterminate amount of time, they will take me on. I would say that they have about eight to ten weeks.

The weight loss continues. I am down to 150 lbs. I think it is fair to blame this on stress.

In other news, the wildlife here is trying to contact me. That is the only logical explanation. Friday while I was at the office, a mother puma and her cub were spotted within only a few meters of my window. Monday, a coyote was waiting in the spot where I usually pick up a friend to take him to work. Yesterday a bear was on the jogging path behind the gym.

Yep. They all want to see me. They don’t want me to leave. I wonder if they will take the opportunity to see more of me when I go camping this weekend?