I Cannot Tell Whether The Chickens Are Hatching

Just got an email from the lady who offered me a temporary job, had to rescind it, and is now trying to give it to me again in an even more temporary fashion. She says that she cannot be sure yet, but I might be able to start on Monday.

That would be nice.

I had an interview yesterday with the group leader of the computer support department. He said that I sounded promising and made some suggestions for my resume. He told me that he would pass it on to his team leaders and see if he could find a place for me.

That would also be nice.

Oak Ridge National Labs sent me some emails stating that I am still being considered for several positions, but their old descriptions and reference numbers were being deleted and replaced with new ones. They told me that there was no need to re-apply and that they would let me know if any progress was made in the decision process.

Again, nice.

But you know what I could really use right now? Some fan-bloody-tastic!

16 responses to “I Cannot Tell Whether The Chickens Are Hatching

  1. Will you think bad of me if I keep hoping for Oak Ridge?

  2. Inconceivable!

    That’s what your mood makes me think of, instead of indescribable.

    • that reminds me
      When camping this weekend, I managed to perform about twenty minutes of The Princess Bride for my friends. Many of them, having come from other countries, had never seen it. Actually, most of them had never seen it.

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