Catching Up With Nikolai

I wonder what Tesla would have thought?

If you have trouble getting to Physics Web, try this Scientific American article on the same subject.


12 responses to “Catching Up With Nikolai

  1. *nods*
    Now we just need satellites in space to convert massive amounts of solar energy to electricity, transmit it wirelessly to either: central ground stations which would then transmit it wirelessly to homes, offices, etc.; or blanket the Earth with free electricity!

    Insert maniacal scientist laughter here :).

  2. Yay! About time they got broadcast power working (ish). Now where’s my flying car?!

  3. I still didn’t completely understand the concept: you still
    get isotropic radiation (or maybe they did use directional radiation?), hence the power that your receiver
    will get will drop 1/r^2.
    If it is directional emission, then I don’t see how’s this
    concept any different from that of radar (whose “ray” can
    also go through most of anything non-metallic).

    • Yeah, I would like to see an actual paper on this subject. Everything that I have seen so far has been the cursory treatment that you get from Scientific American or the like.

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