Los Vientos Del Destino

Yesterday, someone decided to free the winds from their cages. They rode roughshod over northern New Mexico, tearing shingles off houses, stealing people’s glasses, redistributing trash, encouraging wildfires, and knocking down power lines (in particular the power lines to my office and the ones up at the site.) The rest of LANL was completely unaffected. I, however, was unable to continue working since there was neither electricity nor internet access in my trailer. I had to go home early.

Obviously, I shall have to be less obvious when testing my weather control devices. Someone might become suspicious.


4 responses to “Los Vientos Del Destino

  1. Nonsense. First principle for the inventor/builder of a potential doomsday device is, They Are All Insignificant Fools Who Shall Soon Recognize Your Brilliance. I mean, it’s in the handbook. So even if they had two brain cells to rub together and figure out what you were doing, they’d still have to find a handful of emotionally damaged, angsty loners who hate each other but maintain a precarious facade of perky superiority, convince them that you needed stopping, and actually get them somewhere near your device.
    History has shown us that this has never, ever been successful. Maybe once. Possibly twice. It’s irrelevant anyway. Continue your glorious work in the field, brother.

  2. *giggle* there is love, from me, to you

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