adding spices to the sauce

Salsa dance class let out early tonight. Many of our regulars did not show up and at the end, there was only one girl and six guys. I wanted to dance with her, she is one of my favorite partners, but I was getting tired and none of the songs seemed right. Maybe the next song would have been better, but it was obvious that most of us did not feel comfortable with the situation, so the instructor turned off the music and ended the class about an hour and a half earlier than usual.

I taught a girl to dance bachata though. That was fun. And I danced several times with her mother. All in all, it was a good evening.

I have been dancing salsa for almost exactly a year now. I feel a lot more comfortable doing it than I used to. Or at least, I feel more comfortable acting silly than I used to. I do not always try to keep to the moves we learn in class anymore. I make up my own moves, add my own silly flair. It feels right, I stay in rhythm, and my partners have fun. That’s all that matters, really.

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