Whatever Happens, I Leave It All To Chance

The new job is ok. I am learning. I am not sure if I am learning fast enough, but I am learning.

One really good thing about it, though. It really accentuates just how isolated I was in my last job. Here I am in an office where people are actually around. They meet for lunch in the cafeteria. They come and talk to each other. Before Libertad, on an average day I would see only one other person … three if I was extremely lucky. It took me a year and a half to make a friend, and that was because she moved into the office next to mine. Now, I could easily make several within only a few days.

I’m a little overwhelmed. I feel like I am just barely starting to get the hang of juggling five balls and someone is putting me on a unicycle. Or more to the point, I feel like I am starting to figure out how to build an enjoyable life in Los Alamos, just before I have to leave for who-knows-where.

Oh well, time to get on the unicycle. My public awaits.


10 responses to “Whatever Happens, I Leave It All To Chance

  1. That’s how I felt in Louisville. It takes time to get settled and to meet people and to start to get your feet under you, and then *woosh* on to something new. *sigh* I’m ready to stop that for awhile, and it ain’t gonna happen soon.

    • Yeah, actually that is how I felt for most of my life. It is part of why I stayed in Columbus in bad situations because I was just plain tired of moving on to something new. I am ready to settle down someplace … or at least with someone … *sighs*

      • I’m of the opinion that it takes about 4 years to get “settled” somewhere with friends and a sense that one belongs there.
        Of course, it doesn’t help that because my closest friends, family, and Jim were all elsewhere, I didn’t really commit myself to Louisville. I spent a lot of time traveling to see other people instead.

      • Mom always told me that it took her an average of two and a half to three years to begin to settle someplace. The fact that we moved every two and a half years really did not help her. She would just start to feel comfortable and then … WHAM!
        I am really beginning to understand how she felt.

  2. I have to agree with you. Right before you move to another place is when you finally feel “at home” with the place you are at. It’s happened every time I’ve moved. Maybe it’s just the realization that you are leaving that place and that makes the place feel more like home and more like something you don’t want to leave.
    Heck, even my home town feels like an entirely different place now that I’m back here. It’s kind of weird.
    PS… you know, I hear Massachusetts is a great place to be and there’s this really nice girl there who would just LOVE to hang out with you.. and I think her roommate would probably be impressed to death with your awesome-guitar-playing-ness…. which I still haven’t heard… mr. secretive. 🙂

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