I Love You, Miss Hannigan!

Weekend Accomplishments:

  • Name of the Rose – finished Friday night
  • Bathroom – scrubbed to shine like the top of the Chrysler Building1
  • Gas tank, refrigerator, and stomach – all filled on Sunday
  • Check card – unblocked this morning.

I need to re-shave tonight. I hate it when I am visibly smooth but my fingers detect a small patch oof stubble on my chin. I shall run the razor over that area again and again and eventually, my skin shall surrender … allowing precious blood to escape. I find myself glad that Count Orlock2 is nowhere in the vicinity.

[1]Insert strains of “It’s a Hard Knock Life” here.

[2] The vampire from the silent movie, Nosferatu. Max Schreck could outscare Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, and Gary Oldman in his sleep.


6 responses to “I Love You, Miss Hannigan!

  1. Max Schrek is terrifying. So is Willem Dafoe playing Max Schrek in Shadow of the Vampire.
    Out of curiosity, how was The Name of the Rose? My copy is sitting on my bookshelf but I keep dreading trying to read it.

    • Yes, both Max and Willem gave me the willies!
      I enjoyed The Name of the Rose very much. Then again, I was in the mood for a 14th century mystery pitting the scientific method against medievalism. Your results may vary. 😉

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