a good day

Went to the Indian Market in Santa Fe today. Yes, I suppose that if I were to be PC I would write “Native American Market” but I did not name the thing so what I wrote stays.

It was pretty cool. I had a Navajo taco made with fry bread and green chilis. I bought a few gifts for a friend. Actually, I spent most of the day with her … just keeping her company. She has had a rough time lately and I just wanted to make her smile.

When we left Los Alamos, the sky told us that rain was not a threat, but a promise. As we descended the mesa and crossed the desert though, the clouds cleared. Perfect day. Not too hot. Not too cool. Sunny skies. Good food. Good music. Good company. What else could I ask for?

Oh, and I bought The Simpsons; The Complete Fifth Season on DVD today. No, I do not own any of the previous seasons yet. Why do you ask?


4 responses to “a good day

  1. First Nations people don’t care too much for the term Native Americans, either, since they were here before America was.
    Most of the ones I’ve known aren’t above calling themselves Indians.
    It’s like Hawaiian Creole English, a dialect of English that was originally a pidgin–a mix of languages for communication in trade and everyday business. As soon as the first generation of kids grew up speaking it as their native language, it wasn’t a pidgin anymore. It became officially a creole.
    You know what? Only t’ing is, jus’ da folks up at da University wen’ call dat “Hawaiian Creole English” li’ dat. Anybody dat use it goin’ call it “Pidgin”!

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