Up to Date

Been a while since I have put up an update. I suppose that I should write about what has been going on.

Thursday night, I went to WilLee’s Blues Club as usual. Also as usual, Nosotros was playing. Somewhat different than usual though, there was a different band opening for them, Liquid Cheese. Not bad. Where Nosotros is mainly Latin Rock with salsa and cha cha beats, Liquid Cheese was more reggae and ska influenced. It took a while for me to drag people into dancing to Liquid Cheese. Most of the salsa crowd were hesitant since it was not what they were used to hearing. Also, since there were two bands, some of the instruments were being stored on the already small dance floor so there was even less room than usual. Still, after a while we got a few people dancing and that was enough to encourage people to have fun. Despite the fact that my friends and I had hoped to get home early, we did not make it back to Los Alamos until almost 2:30am.

Friday night, I went to Albuquerque for the final Salsa Under the Stars of the year. Son Como Son was playing and they are always a blast. We went out to eat afterwards. Once again, I did not make it home until late (about 2:30am).

Saturday night, I went to a party in Santa Fe. Beautiful house. Delicious food. A live band. A juggler. A belly dancer. Fire dancers. Very nice dogs. An entire room just for dancing. Oh yeah. If I ever become independently wealthy, I want a place like that. After the past two nights of going out though, I got tired early. (Well, the fact that I had received calls at 6am both on Friday and Saturday morning and was unable to fall back to sleep afterwards contributed, I am sure.) In order to stay awake, I helped clean up. When the people that I had driven to the party were ready to go, one of them asked if I could do them a favor and pick up a friend to take back to Los Alamos. No problem. Once more, back to my apartment about 3am.

Sunday, a friend invited me over for a pool party/BBQ. It started raining though so the pool part was out. The BBQ was delicious though. It was over by 6pm and for the first time in days, I went to bed at a reasonable time.

Monday night was salsa dance class. Always enjoyable. I seem to have developed a reputation for being a fun person to dance with. I may not know the most moves, but I know how to play with the ones that I *do* know.

Last night, I went to the gym and worked out until my arms felt like they were going to fall off. I met a friend at the grocery and chatted with her for a while. Then I got home, talked on the phone for a bit, made supper and then read until it was time for bed. Oooh. The exciting life of me. 😛


4 responses to “Up to Date

  1. I went to a party in Santa Fe. Beautiful house. Delicious food. A live band. A juggler. A belly dancer. Fire dancers.
    Um, can I come next time. I would die to go to a party like that.

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