Boot to the Ego

Went to see El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico in Albuquerque last night. Great band. Fantastic music. Wish that they had CDs to buy.

Here are a few things that I should try to remember:

When one of the first follows you dance with in the evening tells you that she remembers when you started salsa class and that you have improved beyond her and that she thinks that you are one of the best and most fun dancers around, that is a good thing.

When two women tell you that they drove all the way from Alamosa, Colorado because you were one of the people that they most wanted to dance with tonight, that is a good thing.

When the follow you respect the most from salsa class seeks you out (in a crowd of hundreds of very good dancers of whom she could have her pick) and says that she wants to dance with you, that is a good thing.

When two random women that you have never seen before corner you and tell you that they have been watching you dance and that they have been trying to build up the courage to ask you to dance and would you please dance with their friend? Well, that is also a good thing.

When your friends from Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama drag you to dance reggaeton with them, and then tell you that you do not dance like a gringo … you guessed it. Good thing.

And for a few non-dance related good things …

Random people (including the mother of my salsa teacher) have been approaching me and telling me that they really like my hair.*

The ability to sit at a table with someone from Costa Rica, two people from Mexico, and a Spanish speaking woman from Romania, and to actually follow the majority of the non-english conversation is definitely a good thing.

And finally, the ability to improvise a gourmet meal with little to no preparation and only minimal ingredients is without a doubt, a good thing. Tonight’s supper of chicken scarpariello using random stuff that was about to go bad is definitely a case in point.

[*] For the record, I think that everyone has buttons that can be pushed. Little things which automatically make them feel good or bad. They may or may not be related to a person’s physical appearance. Saying something about my dancing (good or bad) will effect me more than many other things. Even more than dancing though, is my hair. If you tell me that you like my dreadlocks, I will be extremely flattered. Random people saying something about both within the same night had me walking on sunshine.

6 responses to “Boot to the Ego

  1. Hey!!
    You are so missed!! I think you have fun and we would have fun together swapping recipes made up on the spot. Plus, I am DYING to learn to dance and having a talented partner would be a plus. One of these days …In the mean time, keep dancing and cooking!!

    • Re: Hey!!
      Learning to dance is fun. Improvised cooking is also fun.
      Perhaps one day we will actually meet and I could give you a dance lesson or two in exchange for a recipe. 🙂

      • Re: Hey!!
        I have always wanted to visit that part of the world- and just play and visit…I promise to let you know if and when we get up that direction.!!

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