It Was a Three Mile Island of Deliciosity

That phrase popped into my head as I was half asleep and it made me giggle. I imagine some food critic telling someone about it and in reply hearing, “what? You’re comparing this meal with the U.S.’s worst nuclear accident? Are you sure that is a good idea?”

On a different note, why is it that I can listen to a particular friend’s problems for hours on end but when I feel the need to say, “OK, I am not having the best time right now but I can handle it,” they say “oh, well. That’s not that bad” and act shocked and slightly disappointed that I am even mentioning my stress or frustration? I said that I could handle it. I was not making a big deal. I was just expressing a level of dissatisfaction over some current events in my life.


6 responses to “It Was a Three Mile Island of Deliciosity

  1. *pop*
    First thing in my head when I read your tag line: Rock the Chernobyl of Love.
    We must be sick or something. 😉

    • Re: *pop*
      We are indeed very, very sick. Radiation sickness! Considering where I currently live and a place that you visited in Japan, that would actually make a bizarre form of sense.

  2. That Blue Glow…
    Actually, I thought it funny myself…we all must be sick…bwahaha!!

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