Algo Tonto

I just came from the last of the summer concerts here in Los Alamos. It was a perfect night. Scorpius peeked over the horizon. It was cool enough for my denim jacket and strains of the Sisters Morales danced upon the light pre-autumn breeze.

I wished many a time that someone were around with whom I could share this. Unfortunately, the person most likely to fit that bill had to work tonight. She would have loved this music though. Some Tex-Mex, some mariachi, some country, some latin rock. All eminently dancible. I bought one of their CDs and they signed it both to me and my friend since we talked for a while how much she would have liked the concert.

I was invited to go bowling tonight, but I think that I will cancel. I want to sit back, listen to the music, read a little bit of García Márquez, play with Dulcinea, and maybe even do a little writing.


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