Today’s Special

Tilapia fillet – lightly fried and seasoned with salt, pepper, lime juice and cilantro
Uncle Ben’s Santa Fe style rice medley (the only Santa Fe style anything that I have found that actually seems like something that could be served here)*
Fried plaintains
A tall glass of horchata

I am going to be moving back to OH in the near future. Although I will be able to find plenty of cilantro, limes, plaintains, and horchata, I am uncertain about my New Mexico Green chiles. I suppose that I will have to use Anaheims. *sighs*

[*] Admittedly, I still wind up mixing in some salsa, a bit more corn, some fresh cilantro, and occasionally some beans, just because I think that they skimp on the flavors, but for the most part they have the concept correct.


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