Rustling through the underbrush of my cluttered apartment, I hear it. She comes on feet padded by eons of evolution. And though I can sense her approach, I know that there is little that I can do to avoid it.

A cold is coming. Sometime soon, she shall sink her teeth into my throat. I shall feel the ache of her jaws upon my muscles and the dull crunch as she chews off the back of my skull.

A cold is coming. And there is little that I can do save hope that she passes me by.

10 responses to “Stalked

  1. Oh man, you scared me for a moment there. Like, in an unchildish manner.

  2. Well, at least you’re poetic about your illness 😉

  3. Oh, good to hear you are feeling better…nothing like fighting off a cold!! My problem is allergies…being an outdoor performer makes it hard! Last weekend, ragweed was the highest it has ever been. You should see the plants behind our amphitheater- taller than me- probably 6 foot tall!

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