Missi g Key

A key popped off my keyboard today. I tried to reattach it, but met with failure. Every time I attempt to use that letter, I get a space. This should make typi g i teresti g.


14 responses to “Missi g Key

  1. So you’re just Owe now, huh?

  2. LM OP
    Sounds very “Ella Minnow Pea”-esque 😉

    • Re: LM OP
      Why couldn’t it have been like in the book? First a “z” and then maybe a “q” or something like that. I am only able to use “n” right now because I copied one from another webpage and am typing “Ctrl-v” to paste one in anytime that I need one.

  3. ::snerk:: I spilled soup on my keyboard in March and lost seven keys, including the letter ‘e’. You never realise how much you need certain letters until they cease to exist. 😉
    Needless to say, I got it fixed.

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