an answer

Someone asked me what I am proud of and I honestly could not think of a single thing. Well, beyond my relationship with my family, but that is not what she wanted.

Tonight was a goodbye dinner for a friend who is returning to Spain. After the dinner, we went to the local bar for karaoke night. She wanted me to sing. I really did not want to. I was not in the mood. But she’s leaving and it was the only gift that she wanted from me.

First, a guy and I teamed up for “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd. Great song but not the best for karaoke in my opinion. Better than “You Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” of course, but then again, just about everything is. My mike was not on for that song. It was just as well. My voice was not warmed up yet.

Then I was convinced to sing a solo. I signed up for the song under the name “the one and Owenly.” The DJ said that it was the best name all night. I did “Barely Breathing” by Duncan Sheik. By the end of the song, I sounded okay. Not that great, but semi-decent. As I sat down, two of the previous singers came up and told me that I was very good. I blushed and thanked them. Both of them were very good. One had been singing Sinatra all night. The other was singing silly songs, but it was obvious that he was quite talented.

Finally, I went back up one final time for The Beatles’ “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” I closed my eyes and sang like I had done the two previous songs, but this time I shut out the bar. I just listened to the music and sang along with George in my head. No one and nothing else existed.

When I opened my eyes again, the bar was very quiet and the guy who had come to sing with me was just staring at me. I went back to my seat, slightly embarrassed at the attention. The silence broke soon after.

I guess that I am trying to say … I am proud of the fact that I can sometimes sing. I just needed a little reminder.


16 responses to “an answer

  1. (laughs) I remember reading this scene in Anansi boys… 😉

    • As long as Tiger does not start chasing after me, I am fine with the comparison. I really do not need any predatory felines making my life more interesting.

  2. heh, Owen could *totally* be Charlie Nancy 🙂

  3. Someone asked me what I am proud of and I honestly could not think of a single thing.
    Oh man, you must be in terrible mood if you come up with such a nonsense.
    The little I know about you, I can list at least these:
    a) you are a generous person and are free of many of materialist tendencies that everyone in this society seems
    to be infected with. Tell me that this is not something
    to be proud of!
    b) you have a balanced lifestyle: science, hiking, dancing, music, writing, reading…
    c) you have made a significant contribution to a major scientific experiment, which has the potential of changing
    our understanding of cosmos. A businessman who cranks
    a million/year will croak one day and his pile of gold will
    be meaningless to most of us. Your work, through it’s contribution to Milagro, will remain and
    affect science well after you leave this world.
    d) ….

  4. Hiya hun,
    Aregjan brought up a lot. And I bet you can come up with more.
    Pride is defined by things you’ve done. When you said your family, people tend to me… “I am proud of what my daughter has done” which is an incorrect use of the word pride.
    On the other hand, saying your proud of your relationship WITH your family is totally different, and now how I had read your response 😦
    This was meant to get people thinking, and to stir up pride for the good things, large and small, we do in our lives.
    I love you, and you have much to be proud of.

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