silver and gold

I spent today running errands with a friend. Off to the City Different to find curiosities and sundries. The clouds above Los Alamos threatened some sort of downpour; snow, rain, who knew? But the ominous asphaltine of the clouds was hard and cold. Leaving the premises seemed like a good idea.

We found tea towels with Kokopelli stitched upon them. We found red lentils for a dollar a pound. We found two “Best of Santa Fe” winning stores (well, technically a store and a restaurant) nestled in nooks and crannies. We found Samsonite luggage 60% off. We found stories and memories. We talked of friends no longer here. We talked of Christmas seasons past. We noticed that despite everything, the sun was still shining and we were still warm.

The clouds never fulfilled their promise. We returned to Los Alamos with nary a sign of precipitation. Discoveries unpacked and stored away, we parted ways.


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