Voice Post

16 responses to “Voice Post

  1. I listened! I listened all the way through. It’s nice to associate a voice with the voice, if you follow.
    Yeah, too bad about the snow. My brother in Minnesota says the weather has failed him, as well.

    • Don’t encourage me. I might do a singing post someday. And nobody really wants that, do they? Well, okay. I do. But that hardly counts. 😉
      Funny thing about the snow. It is happening right now! Quite a lot of it actually. If this keeps up, there is no doubt that we will get over a foot of accumulation.

  2. OMG! I can click on these things now and they play! I can hear you! THAT IS SO COOL!
    “rainness”? You’re awesome.

  3. Oh wow, a voice to go with your pic! How very very cool.
    Hey, I want some snow too*snif*, all we got was freaky hot weather for the last few days…ah, Texas in the winter. One day 77, the next maybe the same, then, boom, the weather changes to freezing. No wonder we get sick every winter.
    I WANT SOME SNOW!!! I miss snow- as a child I fondly remember winter-with snow- lots of snow and sledding and snow people and freezing your nose and fingers! Ah, what memories….

    • We now have several inches of snow covering the ground. I am not sure how much is here. Less than a foot. Maybe five or six inches? We shall see how much the storm drops.

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