Il Neige!

I skittered outside, slip-sliding away across the parking lot towards my car performing minor pirouttes and Buster Keaton-esque moves of agility heretofore unseen by the general populace. There was about an inch of snow on my car and a layer of ice on the ground. Snow was racing from the sky, each flake in a maddened rush to see who could reach the ground first.

The snow is coming faster now. I just looked at the NOAA and Weather Channel sites. They predict that we might get an inch or less of accumulation. At 11am I went to my car to get my boots. About four inches had accumulated since I got to work at 7:30. The county has just announced that non-essential personnel can go home. I wonder if I count?

eta: Apparently, I do not.


16 responses to “Il Neige!

  1. And it’s 63 degrees here…

  2. Owen, I wonder if you have the answer to this mystery — how come I almost *never* see any African Americans skiing, or mountain climbing, or ice climbing…or doing any kind of winter sports? I mean, seriously, in *years* of climbing I have seen just one black fellow climber.

    • While I could come up with an amusing answer, I think that I will be straightforward with this one. I would honestly surmise that it is a combination of factors. They would include but not be limited to: a low concentration of black people in areas with those activities
      a low number of black people with the disposable income to travel to places with those activities
      a much larger propaganda machine which encourages black people to pursue sports such as football, basketball, and baseball.

      • So I can see #2. However, in NYC there is a sizeable black population, including upper class folks.
        As to mountain climbing, most of the climbers come from the lower classes, sometimes from academia and rarely from middle classes.

    That is all.

  4. Hey…you’re essential! This should be good news!

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