I Also Want Lime Cilantro Rice

I am here. I am alive. I am in one piece.

I am also completely and utterly uncertain what day it is. And I am craving posole.


8 responses to “I Also Want Lime Cilantro Rice

  1. welcome, when you’ve rested some, you should let me know when you’d like to go dancing. 🙂

  2. Glad to hear you made it here safe – I worried about you.
    OK: these will be, I suspect, pale facsimiles at best. That said, I can offer you sourcing on both your cravings. Chipotle’s standard rice is cilantro-lime rice. And Surly Girl, in the Short North, had posole last time I was there. Or of course you could make your own, which I’m sure would be fantastic, but sometimes you want other people to serve you.

  3. *hugs* I’m glad you made it there safely. I’m sorry that the weather didn’t cooperate to get you here in Nashville, but as you pointed out, you aren’t that far for a visit sometime.

  4. Yay!
    Really happy you made it in safely 🙂 We should get together once you’ve settled. It’s been FOREVER since I’ve seen you 🙂

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