Sorry about the lack of posting. I have been busy. So busy that I made myself sick. Today I have a fever of 102 F.

On a completely different note, today’s Questionable Content was disturbingly familiar. At least there were no mimes.


10 responses to “Flashback

  1. *hands own a huge bowl of chicken soup, a big thing of ginger ale, and some hot chocolate for good measure*
    Take care of yourself, love. The last thing we need is a sick Owen. *hugs*

  2. The mime story easily makes my top 5 list of best, zaniest, and craziest stories. That is hilarious that you found a comic that, at least somewhat, approximates it.

  3. (laughs) yah, mark pointed that out to me…

  4. Being sick is icky…
    There does seem to be something going around…
    I really hope you’re feeling better.
    Don’t know if you got my phone message, but I was wondering if you could send me your current address…I’m sending out something relating to this Labor Day weekend (;-)) and would like for you to have one 🙂

  5. tee hee hee
    I actually thought of you when I read that strip 🙂
    I hope you’re feeling better!

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