I Am Going Slightly Mad

So, I have been working a temp job for the past few weeks. Nothing great. Just some data entry stuff. I would say that it is paying the bills, but that would be a lie.

Anyway, at work they give us little flags to wave whenever we have a problem. We are supposed to attract the attention of the supervisors and get them to come help us. The job is not exactly rocket science (or astrophysics for that matter) so I see no need to use the flag as intended. Instead, I have removed the pole from the pennant and have been using it to entertain myself.

Activities include but are not limited to:

  • balancing said stick on my lip as an impromptu moustache when talking to co-workers
  • taking sticks from other people’s desks and seeing how many I can fit into my hair
  • putting the stick inside my glasses as a “unicorn horn”
  • two words … drum solo!
  • and taking bits of paper, drawing faces on them, attaching them to the sticks, and making puppet shows

I am glad that this is a temp job. I am pretty sure that what little sanity I hold would vanish if I had to stay here ad infinitum. It is a good thing that the supervisors do not seem to mind as long as I get my work done.

16 responses to “I Am Going Slightly Mad

    I just can’t get away with doing that with bottles of wine…

  2. *laugh*
    Hun, I need to see you. I am sorry that I haven’t yet….

  3. Hehe, sound slike the kinds of things I do at my job! Today I drew a lounge chair and persian rug using dots of red and black ink on my scratch paper while dealing with customers. 🙂

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