Jambalaya Enchiladas and Alien Zombie Tapeworms

I went to my first Argentinian tango class tonight. I have gotten used to moving my hips as I dance. Not something that you do in tango. On the other hand, I have been told that I have a very strong lead, so that is something. And this should be really good for my posture. I need to stand up straight in tango. I have a tendency to slouch and hide the fact that I am pretty tall.

I hope to get back into salsa dancing soon. While I am getting back to normal, maybe I shall start cooking again in the near future. Since getting back here, I have not been able to motivate myself to make anything more complicated than quesadillas. I have been going to La Michoacana on Morse Road a lot lately and picking up ingredients. This morning I had rice with some agave nectar and mangoes that I grabbed there. Mmm, mangoes. Now I am in the mood for a good mango lhassi … and a plateful of jambalaya enchiladas. Now, if only I could get someone else to cook them for me since I still have very little desire to do that myself …

Yes, I have been eating. Just not cooking. My diet is absolutely not the reason that I have lost around fifteen pounds. My theory? It’s a tapeworm. An alien zombie tapeworm that is taking over my mind and which is slowly turning me into a member of the anorexic undead.

Hopefully the tapeworm has rhythm because I want to go out this weekend.


20 responses to “Jambalaya Enchiladas and Alien Zombie Tapeworms

  1. My sister loved her tango lessons, enjoy yours! πŸ˜€

    • Thanks! So far they seem pretty fun. I am also hoping to get into some more dances like samba and bachata and maybe a martial art like capoeira or aikido.

  2. So, in light of that, when do I get to dance with you? πŸ™‚

    • πŸ™‚
      Well, tomorrow night I am planning on salsa dancing at La Fogata in the Short North. There is a salsa lesson there at 9:30pm for people who want to join in … (hint, hint)

      • Oh! I’ll have to see how I feel. I have to work early on Sunday but if I’m still in good enough shape this evening I may appear. If not, have fun without me!

      • It would be great to see you, but I definitely understand the “having to work early the next day” thing.

  3. Does your tapeworm like babies? I mean, if it’s a zombie, then YUM, BABIES, but if it’s an alien zombie then perhaps it prefers something with a higher fat-to-lean ratio. Or possibly it likes to snack on feelers, and human babies don’t generally have feelers. Generally.
    At any rate, Peter and I would still like to see you sometime. So. Y’know.

    • Seeing people would be nice indeed. Or at least seeing people to whom I am not related. I do very little of that these days.
      And seeing you, Nyte and the little one would be even better!

  4. i would really like to learn salsa with you. (or just salsa dance with you…. )

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