Ear worm

All morning long I have had a song stuck in my head. Not a good one either. One that I hated when it first came out about twenty years ago. Usually when a song gets stuck in my head, I can mentally play it through til the end so that there is some sort of musical finale and I can purge the demonic music from my brain. Not this time. I avoided the majority of the song with a passion when it was popular. I do not know the title. I barely remember who sang it. I could only hear the melody of the chorus. Over. And over. And over.

In desperation, my brain asked itself what to do to get rid of an earworm. From deep within the tortured recesses of my twisted synapse pairs, a voice whispered, “get a bigger earworm.”

And then, completely unbidden, before I even had a chance to think about what the voice meant, it appeared.

My original earworm fled for its very life.

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