I Don’t Really Have a Subject Header For This

Yesterday I went to a memorial service for someone whom I have never met. No, this is not some new hobby. T was playing violin before and after. She has only been playing for a few months so she only knows a few songs: Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, Michael Row The Boat Ashore, I think that there was a piece by Debussy in there, and maybe a study from her teacher. Oh, there were two others, but we told her not to play them because they were a little too happy for a memorial service.

The preacher welcomed everyone and encouraged them to speak a bit about the man who had passed away. Then came some family members: one of his sons (wow! he had a lot of children for only being fifty. All but one seemed to be under the age of ten, and they were spread out over several different states!). Anyway, there was hardly a dry eye when the boy stopped talking. Then one of his mothers in law spoke. She was very sweet. More family members. Then the preacher came and told funny stories about the man. Funny, but not embarrassing. He liked to laugh. He liked to make other people laugh.

So it was only appropriate when T played the violin at the end, she played the Can-Can. This was made even funnier by the fact that she messed up partway through and when her mother started laughing, she put down her bow and said, “Mom! Curse you!”

Other people started laughing.

“Curse all of you!” Nothing quite like seeing a ten year old girl indignantly cursing the congregation.

Most of the rest of the day, I spent cleaning. But last night, I finally got a friend to come salsa dancing with me! It was honestly the most fun that I have had since I left New Mexico. It will not be a regular occurrence. She lives in Dayton. Furthermore, at the end of the summer she will be moving with her new husband to Florida. Still, for just a little while I was almost home.


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