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I am surprised that this did not get more coverage. Dennis Kucinich introduces impeachment resolution against Bush.

Furthermore, something for which I have been hoping for a long time is happening, Puerto Rico in independence bid. It has been in commonwealth status too long! Puerto Rico should either be independent or a state! Now, if we could just get Washington D.C. to have representation …!

Also, in less serious but no less awesome news, someone is redoing classic photos in Lego!

And finally, MIT is offering free online courses.


8 responses to “Some Links

  1. We read about the happy peace elf’s motion for impeachment last night. (And the news about his attempt to put the impeachment of Cheney on the table, with the Republicans aid? That was awesome.)
    I’ve decided that he needs his own position in Obama’s cabinet, as the Joyful Pacifist Adviser with Balls.

    • Yeah, I read that last night myself and expected there to be a few articles about it this morning. Nope.
      Now admittedly, this may be a case of too little, too late. Bush only has about six months left in his presidency and even if impeachment were agreed upon, the proceedings take a while. Still, I would have expected something even if it were a bit of mockery.

  2. I just saw 4 older women holding up signs that accused Pres. Bush of murdering 4,000 soliders by sending them to Iraq and Afganistan.
    People are getting bolder about showing their public displeasure at the seemingly indifference being shown by the current ruling party.

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