Just When I Thought My Life Was Becoming Normal

So I put my resume on Monster.com a while back. I have kept it updated and have been using that site (among others) to search for a new job. I kept the resume public so that if I missed an opportunity, someone could contact me. My resume, as anyone who knows me should figure, is mostly filled with science related and technical jobs. Research, teaching a college course in astronomy, supporting computers, programming, electronics, machine shop … you get the idea.

So last night, I got a call from an interested party. They told me that he had found my info in the aforementioned way and that they thought that I would be perfect for what they had in mind. They were located just north of Dallas, TX and wanted to know if I would be interested in coming in on Monday for an interview.

OK. Maybe. What was the job?

Car sales.


What about my resume could possibly have made them think, “Ooh! I bet that he would make a fantastic car salesman”? And why would I fly to TX on my own dime to do it? Do they think that there are no places here to do that? Do I need to relocate in order to pursue my heretofore hidden and unacknowledged dream of entering the wonderful world of uniting people with modes of transport?

I did my best to be polite but firm. I was not interested, but thank you for the offer. They told me that they would sign me up for an interview at 10AM, Monday morning and that they would email me directions.

So let me get this straight. I could not convince them that I did not want the job, and yet I was supposed to be a good car salesman?


4 responses to “Just When I Thought My Life Was Becoming Normal

  1. oi. how bizzare. Are employees in TX that hard to find??

  2. HAHAHAHA. Oddly, I bet you’d be a great salesman, the same way O am, because you don’t seem like one. That does seem like a slightly odd situation though… huh.

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