A wonderful day is on the horizon! What? Friday the 13th? Bah. Boring! Besides, that is today. It cannot be on the horizon if it is current.

Father’s Day? Are you joking?

Tomorrow is World Juggling Day! I have no idea what became of my chickens. My earths are long gone.* At least I still have a good set of rings, clubs, and hackysacs.

Come outside! Join the fun! Learn to juggle or if you already know how, teach someone else!

I cannot guarantee that it will lead you to a life of fun and adventure … but I cannot say that it won’t either. Your results may vary. Just try not to become involved with any busking related mafioso.

[*] Yes, I had chickens just for juggling. The finest in polyvinyl poultry. I also had beanbags that looked like the earth. They were the perfect size and weight for juggling. I really miss them.


6 responses to “Holiday!

  1. Man, I have trouble enough throwing one planet around, let alone juggling three.

  2. Shoot. I had no idea. On that very day I was with a couple of juggling buddies working on learning Mills’ Mess, and we were even looking up information on the IJA and conventions, and somehow World Juggling Day did not come up.

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