Even the New York Times Does It!

When I was living in New Mexico, I would occasionally talk to people from other states and have to explain that I live in the US. I might order a hard drive from a place in New York or a laptop computer from wherever Dell is located and I would hear, “we don’t ship out of the country.” And thus, I would patiently explain that New Mexico is one of the fifty states in the US and has been for about a century. I would tell them that they could ship to me in all confidence, noting that it was easy to miss the “New” part of New Mexico. And sometimes people would laugh at their mistake and other times I would have to get a manager.

The reason that I bring this up is that I have a filtered alert system from the NY Times, sending me emails whenever there is an article about Mexico. You can guess where this is going, I am certain. Yes, that is correct, I am also getting emails involving New Mexico. Now this is not a problem. I enjoy reading about my former state. But they really need to work on their filter if it is going to do things like that.


4 responses to “Even the New York Times Does It!

  1. I’m not sure how they run their filtering system, but its a common problem with any that I’ve come across. It’s like my filtering in Google. I want my MOMS club stuff auto filtered and it puts anything with the word moms in it into the filter – even if Moms is part of a larger word. They just aren’t that smart to know the difference between what you want and what you don’t.

  2. i guess you *could* run into ambiguity for a simple text filter…
    for instance “the new mexican singer” or “the new mexican law”
    i wonder how they handle new york/york? 😉

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