¡Salseros y salseras!

So doesn’t that just figure? I will be going to New Mexico soon partially for work related reasons, partially for a few interviews, partially to see some old friends, and partially to get back into the salsa groove. I miss going to WilLee’s Blues Club to see Nosotros on Thursday nights in Santa Fe. I miss salsa lessons on Mondays with Darren and the crew. I miss the Mambo Room every other Saturday night. And I miss Salsa Under the Stars in Albuquerque on Fridays.

But I talked to one of the aforementioned friends who still lives in Santa Fe. Darren is no longer teaching the salsa class and the Mambo Room is shutting down for the month of August. Oh well. At least there is still Salsa Under the Stars and Nosotros.

This Saturday is a friend’s birthday. I have known her since her first year and my last year at Bowling Green State University. She has decided to celebrate it at La Fogata and to actually come to the lesson. She is inviting all of her friends! whisperwheel seems interested in coming that night as well and is trying to convince friends to come. Could it be that I might actually have more than one friend to dance with that night?

Just in case any of my Columbus friends are interested and do not know the info, here’s the skinny. Every Saturday night is Salsa Fever at La Fogata. It’s at 790 North High St. next to Haiku. There is parking in the back and on the side streets. There is a salsa lesson from 7pm to 9pm. The teacher is named Carlos and he is very, very good. Afterwards is the main dance and it goes until about 2am (although I rarely stay that late.) People of all skill levels show up and the lesson itself is beginner. People are pretty nice there in general, so there is no need to be nervous. It is not very crowded and if you get hungry or thirsty, it is right above a great Mexican restaurant. Come on by! I’ll be there. I hope that you will be too. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


8 responses to “¡Salseros y salseras!

  1. La Fogata has dancing? *blinks and looks across the street* Really?

  2. I’d like to go but this Sat is CABS and i’ve missed the last like four….
    if i do come it’ll be last min. but mark me down for next time!

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