I had a couple of long talks with an old friend over the past two days.

And you know what? I’m back.

I am the One and Owenly. Nobody I’d rather be. I am the One and Owenly. Can’t take that away from me.1

Look at me. Look at me. Hands in the air like its good to be ALIVE.2

I know who I am. I know who I have been. I know who I will be.

I need my juggling clubs. And Dulcinea. And where the heck did I put my soldering iron? Gah! I have let myself fall apart. Well, no more of that!

So much time and so little to do! Wait! Strike that. Reverse it. Thank you!3

[1] With apologies to Christian Wunderlich.

[2] With apologies to The Flobots.

[3] With apologies to Gene Wilder’s brilliant performance in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


14 responses to “rrrrrrRRRRRRRRR Yi! YI! YI! YI!

  1. Just don’t use the soldering iron to put yourself back together!

  2. 🙂 welcome back m’dear

  3. YES!!
    Glad to have you back! It feels good to once again take up the reins of your own life doesn’t it?? Find Dulcinea, find that soldering iron! Find those clubs, and COOK!Thanks too for one of my most favorite quotes from Willy Wonka, Gene Wilder..(Sorry, but the remake just wasn’t up to Gene’s..)

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