Riding the ripples

Three weeks.

It has been three weeks since I left Ohio. I got back late last night. So much has happened. Interviews, of course. They were part of the reason that I went in the first place. And I said good-bye to Milagro. And there was salsa dancing. And hiking. And visits with friends. But so much of the trip went in completely unexpected directions. So many plans came to naught. So many random opportunities presented themselves and brought me to unintended places.

Was it a productive trip? Oh yes. I do not know whether it produced the effects that I intended, but it certainly brought about … something. A stone was dropped in a pond and the waves are spreading.

I should probably start filling in the blanks on the vague statements that I made during the first week. And catching up on reading people’s LJs. On the other hand, it has been three weeks! And I need to re-arrange my life. So, if anyone is curious about anything, ask. If anyone wants to tell me something, do so.


12 responses to “Riding the ripples

  1. Welceom back, love!

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