Absolutely Not Related To the Date in Any Way

I got this article from matociquala, Lose Your House, Lose Your Vote. A different take on a similar situation can be seen at the Columbus Dispatch since a similar plan might go into effect in Columbus, OH.

On a different note, today I had a flashback to a time twenty years and about two months ago. I do not know what brought it on. I just know that suddenly the memory hit me like a freight train. I had graduated high school. My parents had moved to New Jersey and I was visiting them for the summer before I would leave for my first year of college. We had lived in New Jersey before … in that exact same town to tell the truth. I decided to try to track down as many of my old friends as possible. Yes, it had been six years since I had seen any of them, but I was confident that I could find a few.

One by one, I was rejected by them. They did not remember me. How could they have forgotten? There were only three people in our grade who were darker than a paper bag: a Philipino boy, a Sioux girl, and me. Even the girl who on my last day of sixth grade at that school took me behind the jungle gym and gave me one of my first kisses had forgotten me. They had forgotten that I was the fastest kid in fourth through sixth grades. They had forgotten how I had moved in during the school year in fourth grade and right as the teacher asked me to introduce myself to the class, my voice started changing. They had forgotten the times that we had gone hiking in the woods, the times we had played with my dog, the times that I had invited them over and vice versa.

I had always regretted leaving early. I had been angry at my father for making me miss the sixth grade party, and maybe a chance to get to know the aforementioned girl better in seventh grade. I had been angry at leaving what had been the closest friends that I had made at that point in my life. I had been angry at it being yet another move, after so many others.

But with that summer I came to realize that it did not really matter.

Like I said before. I do not know what brought that to my mind. I just knew that I wanted to write it down. Or type it onto the etherweb. Whatever.

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