Boggley bogglety boggle!

First I should say, Happy Mexican Independence Day!

I am voting for Obama this November. I have my reasons for choosing him and if anyone asks, I am happy to share.

But I have tried not to say too much about the candidates, good or bad. Oh sure, I have put up the occasional bit of silliness, usually Obama related. But it’s not like I’ve become anyone’s biggest cheerleader or begun spouting praises in some perverse born-again-Amway sort of way.

But I have to say something when one of the candidates calls planetariums “foolishness”.

I am an experimental particle astrophysicist.1 I got my start because my parents got me into science at a young age. Mom took me out to watch the stars. She took me to science museums. And she took me to planetariums.2

I have worked in a few. The planetarium is the front line in the fight to bring science, to bring the wonder of learning about the universe, to everyone.

McCain/Palin already hit some of my friends where they live with the whole “community organizer” crack. What is that poem? Something about “first they came for the Communists?”

[1] At least I have been in the past and would like to be one again in the future.
[2]Yes, I know that in Latin, the plural would be “planetaria” but I am pretty sure that in English, we would say “planetariums.”


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