Gabba Gabba Hey

Just got power back, which is good. And internet, which is better. Lost some of the food in the freezer, but saved a lot of the food in the fridge so it balances out.

Last week, I was having a car insurance problem. I had switched it over from New Mexico to Ohio a while back but it took some time to take effect. When it did, they gave me the wrong policy. It had too much coverage so I was paying too much. I could only afford the state minimum, so I changed that and it took effect about a week ago.

So of course, the wind slammed something into my car and cracked my windshield. If this had happened a week ago, it would have been covered. The universe laughs at me, which is fine since I tend to laugh right back at it.


6 responses to “Gabba Gabba Hey

  1. If the crack ain’t too big you can repair it…

  2. Lucky :[ My power is still out. The people across the street have power, and the streetlights on our side of the street have power… but we don’t have power.

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