Things I do not understand #24601

Commercial: Do you have a problem with too much body fat?

WTF? What other kind of fat is a person supposed to have? Oh gee! I really hate all the mental fat that has accumulated lately. And that spiritual fat? Whoa!


20 responses to “Things I do not understand #24601

  1. I have trouble with fat! I can’t get it off this steak I’m trying to trim. And chicken fat?! the worst!

    • Chicken fat is indeed bad. Duck fat and goose fat trump it though. You just cannot get it all!

      • Yeah, but duck fat is like liquid love. You’re supposed to leave that part on.

      • The stuff that melts out while cooking is without a doubt “liquid love.” Alton was right on the money there. The fatty bits that sort of hang around even after the searing in the cast iron skillet? Not so much.
        But now I am hungry and I have no duck! What am I to do?

      • Dude, I love those bits. The trick is to get them crispy.
        Now I want duck, too. I get paid friday, wantto have a cookout?

  2. HAHAHA, I dunno… sometimes I feel like I have mental fat. 🙂

  3. I do worry about this woolly fat that seems to be gathering up in piles around my house. Help! Is there some sort of magic pill or device or other consumable that can help me reduce it?

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