non illegitimi carborundum

I am not a lawyer. I have never been a lawyer. And despite the fact that there was a television show about a lawyer who shared my name, I have no desire to ever be one.

Hence, I would certainly never have been the guy to seek an injunction against God. Yes, I get the fact that it was to prove a point. But couldn’t there have been a less silly way to do it? And for the record, the judge’s response was not that great either. In my opinion, it leaves open the possibility that this lawyer could attempt to sue Santa Claus next.

6 responses to “non illegitimi carborundum

  1. Do you happen to remember the apple orchard that we failed to pick apples at a few years ago? last year? two years ago?
    I don’t remember what it was called. I just remember going the wrong weekend.

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