First of all, taken from the amazing kijjohnson here is a funny video from Russia with love … for Sarah Palin.

Next, is something that everyone has been talking about. We’ve all heard about the fact that General Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama for President.

but the thing that is most important about the above video is not the endorsement, but reminder of what America can and should be. Why should the idea that someone is Muslim be a hindrance to their political career? I thought that we were past all of this. When John F. Kennedy was a candidate, people were shocked that he was a Catholic. But he won, and his faith made him no better or worse a leader than he would have been as a Protestant. So why would a Muslim president be any different? What if the President were Jewish? What if the President were Hindi or Buddhist? What if the President were agnostic or atheist? Why would those things make any difference? What matters is not what religion the President follows but their love of this nation and the people within. The President should be our greatest patriot, and by greatest I also mean our finest representative. The President should be the best we have to offer. What does that have to do with whether s/he worships Allah, Yahweh, Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Vishnu, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or no one at all?

I respect my friends who will vote for McCain because they agree with his positions on the issues. I have much less respect for people who vote based upon fear of a perceived tie between Islam and terrorism, or a fear that someone’s skin tone will result in slavery for everyone lighter. I mean after all, everyone who believes in Allah is a terrorist and everyone who has skin darker than a paper bag is just waiting for the day to overthrow our white oppressors and submit them to the yoke!

Excuse me. I need to go wash off the stupid before it sets in permanently.


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  1. hmm … I think that people voting for McCain on the issues are either lying to themselves about why they’re voting for him or they don’t know much about the issues. the guy is wrong on everything that I can think of. I can’t fathom one reason to vote for him except fear.

    • I’m not the biggest fan of him by any stretch of the imagination, but I can accept that there are people who seem to agree with him. Actually, I tend to think that if McCain had not chosen Palin for a VP, he would have kept Colin Powell and possibly won more of the more moderate independents.

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