A better day

I went to see Obama’s last rally in Columbus today. I really like the fact that he tries to encourage people to take responsibility and to change things in their own communities. We build a new society “from the ground up” as he says.

I also wrote almost 1700 words today, giving me a total of 2565. If I were not so tired, I would try to write more. But I am. So I will not.

Instead, I shall watch Jim Henson’s Storyteller. In particular, my favorite story from that DVD, “A Story Short.”

In the mean time though, here is the first bit from my NaNoWriMo novel. It might wind up becoming something completely different next month when I revise it, but for now I like it.

I probably should not have laughed at the fact that the first punch missed me. I was already in trouble and the mimes did outnumber me by three to one. Still, the take after my show in Central Park had me feeling pretty high. No. Not high. Nearly invincible. So, yes. I laughed. And my laugh grew stronger when I heard the mime scrape his knuckle against the trunk of the tree behind me as I dodged the second punch. The teeth juttering crack of a baton across my shins soon reminded me that I was all too mortal and that this was for real.

“Keep laughing, funny boy,” came the inevitable retort. “You’re going to pay for your little stunt.” One of the mimes slipped behind me and crooked his arms around my shoulders and behind my neck, putting me into a full nelson. Another hauled off and slugged me in the abdomen, knocking the wind out of me. Some part of me was aware that the first mime was still talking. It was not lost on me that I was unable to even breathe while being lectured by a mime.


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